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Featured: Rolex 'Thunderbird' Ref. 1625

For a brand with so many recognizable models, it’s hard to imagine that there could be a Rolex you haven’t seen. But show someone a Thunderbird and the response will be: “What’s that?” Quite simply, there’s nothing quite like the Thunderbird in all of Rolex’s arsenal.

Rolex introduced the Reference 1625 in 1956. In creating this watch, Rolex took the case of the Datejust and crowned it with a unique bezel, used to record elapsed time. The watch is colloquially known as the Thunderbird (due to the fact that it was gifted to distinguished U.S. Air Force Thunderbird pilots) and generally seen as a sportier alternative to the more staid Datejust.

To us, the Thunderbird is unique. It’s a definite outlier, and appeals to the collector who desires something just a little more distinctive than your run-of-the-mill Submariner or Datejust. It’s a go anywhere, do-anything Rolex with all the quality and name recognition you’d associate with the brand, but with none of the hype.

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