Born from a passion for history and great design, Analog/Shift exists to bring an authentic and trustworthy experience for today’s timepiece enthusiasts. Hearkening back to an era when raw value was respected and a firm handshake was unflappable, we push against the onslaught of disposable commodities and the so-called ‘luxury,' embracing instead products that are truly timeless. Our mission is to not only to preserve the stories and horological treasures of the past, but also to re-inspire the values of the generation that created them.

Christa Chance

Office Manager

Christa was born and raised in Louisiana. In 2012, she moved to NYC from her hometown of Baton Rouge with just a suitcase. An avid watch collector and enthusiast from youth, she has worked for Vesper & Co., contributed to Hodinkee, and is the Librarian of the Horological Society of New York. As Office Manager at Analog/Shift, Christa handles an array of crucial daily tasks from shipping and receiving to writing watch descriptions and condition reports. Outside of horology, Christa enjoys writing, drinking single-malt Scotch, indulging in the occasional Netflix binge, and PC gaming.

Gregory Peters

Timepiece Specialist

Greg’s first career ambition was to be 007. Eventually, he got around to motorcycles, martinis, and watches but never quite managed the international espionage bit. American and Italian vintage style heavily influence his aesthetic and play a part in his passion for vintage watches. For Greg, watches personify the intersection of the artistic and the mechanistic worlds. Military and tool watches particularly appeal to him because they embody the maxim ‘form follows function.’ Whether on the back of a motorcycle or on stage performing, a close look at his wrist will undoubtedly reveal a vintage timepiece.

Kiran Shekar

Director - Contrapante

Kiran Shekar is a watch collector based in New York City. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Horological Society of New York, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the art and science of horology. Author of F.P.Journe: The First 30 Years, the definitive reference book about the career and watches of F.P.Journe, Kiran is interested in all types of horology, but has a special love for watches made by the independent watchmakers.

Nick Pardo

Senior Timepiece Specialist

A lifelong New Yorker and watch enthusiast, Nick came into vintage watches after getting the itch for something just a little bit different and unique. After building up a collection of interesting and affordable vintage timepieces, he founded 10:25 Vintage to make it easier for others to do the same, eventually joining the Analog/Shift team to bring the brand to a wider audience. When he's not working with watches, Nick can be found in the kitchen experimenting with a new recipe, on the mats practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or inevitably adding a new hobby to his repertoire.

Atom Moore

Art Director

Atom Moore is a talented photographer working with the watch industry in NYC. A graduate of the photography program at Fitchburg State University, he specializes in watch and macro photography, as well as portraiture. He often contributes to watch industry publications including the RedBar Crew's Collectors' Perspective. Atom most recently hosted a photography exhibit of his Watch Mashups commissioned by Tudor Watches in Hong Kong last November. At the end of April this year he will be exhibiting his watch Mashups at the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, PA. He has had several solo art exhibitions of his portrait and watch photography in New York City as well. Atom can be found exploring what's on the wrists of New York City's, and the world's, watch collectors.

Jacob Sotak

Chief Operating Officer

Jacob's interest in watches is rooted in a love for all things mechanical. From old cameras and typewriters to cars and firearms, Jacob has a deep affinity for intelligently-designed, beautiful machines. As Chief Operating Officer, Jacob oils the gears of Analog/Shift, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. Outside of Analog/Shift, Jacob is a freelance writer, spinning yarns about anything that involves fine single malts (preferably of the Islay variety), fly-fishing and the great outdoors.

Geoffrey Hess

Chief Executive Officer

Born and bred in New York City, Geoff realized that vintage watch-collecting was a perfect solace to counterbalance the often hectic atmosphere of growing-up in Manhattan. It led him to years of global travel, and an introduction to friends extending far-beyond the circles of his childhood. After two decades of working alongside Rudy Giuliani and then for Ivanka Trump, he finally turned his penchant for staying up until dawn poring over the most minute details of old watches into a daytime life at Analog/Shift. A collector himself, when he's not enjoying the "thrill of the hunt" Geoff can often be found at Madison Square Garden taking wrist shots from his seats at New York Rangers games.

James Lamdin


James launched Analog/Shift in 2012 after two very different careers in outdoor equipment and luxury automotive. A long time watch collector, James’ passion for vintage timepieces came to him from his grandfather, who left him part of his collection at the time of his passing. Put off by the way in which the traditional vintage watch market was run, James positioned Analog/Shift to be a new kind of resource for the discerning enthusiast - dedicated to authenticity above all. His affinity for the well-aged transcends to his other passions: single malt scotch and automobiles. When he’s not scouring the globe for horological artifacts, you’re likely to find him cruising around Manhattan in his ’67 Porsche or holed up at a whisky bar with a tumbler of Laphroaig, neat, firmly in hand.