"You are my most expensive friends"- Eric N.
"Simply the best experience in watches you can have. No other firm I've come across will tell the story of each piece or reference with the passion and panache that they do. They've also got more scotch than Speyside."- Sam B.
"Most important thing in this business is trust. I trust James and Jacob explicitly. They have come through for me numerous times (Reverso, Ranchero and Siffert to name a few!) They know their stuff, are a pleasure to work with and best of all - tons of fun."- Eric S.
"Really top notch examples of some very desirable vintage hardware"- Automobiliac
“I’ve purchased a variety of pieces from the boys at analog/shift, and every purchase has been a home run! Whether you're buying your first nice watch, or adding another to your collection, they approach each sale with the same attention to detail and quality. I’m constantly surprised by the unique and badass pieces that James and Jacob manage to find. It doesn’t hurt that they are each gentlemen and horological scholars. Pro tip, visit their offices and share a scotch.”- Josh S.
"What you will be winding up with is a piece of horological history that will...let the world know you’re a man of comparable style and taste."- UrbanDaddy
"analog/shift rolls with a pretty illustrious crowd"- PopUpFlea
"James and Jake have a knack for finding pieces that you either can't live without, have never seen before, or might never see again (or, more often than not, all of the above). Every time I walk into analog/shift, I feel like I want to sell my entire collection and start again from scratch."- James L.
"I’ve bought and sold a number of watches with analog/shift over the years and I always expect to find a high level of trust and integrity, but what really jumps out at me is their knowledge and passion. I respect their ability to provide an opinion from a collectors standpoint, (and they always have one!) even if it means not getting the sale or earning a bit less. This type of service is what will keep me coming back to the analog/shift team."- Steve F.
All of business is personal. Men of substance invest in relationships, a barber, a tailor, a purveyor of fine liqueurs. James and Jake are my watch guys. Whether I'm looking for a specific piece or they find something that they know I need. If you love mechanical watches, if you are curious about them or just want to learn more about them, James and Jake are your guys.- @lichmd a.k.a. Dr. Jeff

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